BMW Service

Specialized BMW Auto Repair We Provide


We have various tools available to us when working on BMW’s, but our most powerful tool is our Autologic Diagnostic Tool.  Autologic is a top tier diagnostic interface that allows us to do CIPs (coding, individualization and programming) to any module that your BMW may have. It reads deep into your BMW, allowing us to see trouble codes, read important live data, calibrate, adapt, adjust, activate, code and program as needed.  This gives us a great advantage when diagnosing Check Engine Lights, ABS Lights, Airbag Lights, engine performance and driveability issues, and general electrical problems.  We work on your BMW with confidence because we know we have the right equipment and experience to do so.  This gives us, at the shop, as well as our customers, peace of mind when bringing their BMWs here for service. 

General BMW Services:
• Diagnosing of Warning lights that appear on dash.
• All maintenance as required by BMW.
• (We do reset the service reminder warnings!)
• Brake Service
• Coolant Leaks and Overheating Issues
• Suspension and Steering Components
• Air Con and Heating
• Windows, Lighting, and Horns
• Tire Pressure Monitor
• Eletrical Problems
• Clutches

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